Any type of Bloomberg data using Bloomberg Data License, Bloomberg Server-API and Bloomberg B-pipe.

Any type of Refinitiv data using feeds such as RMDS, Eikon realtime feed, and Refinitiv DataScope select.

Nordic market data using low latency handling of streaming realtime feed or file based delivery.

Webservice interface and file based data from Markit.

Supports the Economic Scenario Generation files created formerly by Barrie and Hibbert.

Interface to both ftp based and realtime feed based data from SIX financial.

S & P Ratings on file.

A wide range of security master data and corporate actions from EDI.

File-based deliveries of Interactive Data universe.

Reference data and streaming market data.

Realtime and file based market data, credit data and index constituents.

Family of Stoxx indices and its constituents.

Loading of MSCI’s family of index and constituents. Unpacked to an easy to use format.

Security master data and ISIN issues.

Official statistics from Sweden such as Consumer Price Index and more.