Enterprise Data Management. Flexible. Scalable. Proven.

The Algorithmica History Server (AHS) integrates multi-vendor feed handling using both streaming and file based feeds from most major vendors. It ships with automated quality control and internal creation of master records.

AHS comes with advanced calculation capabilities and the complete Quantlab financial code library and development environment. Using such calculation support, a client can define internal yield curve formats, volatility surfaces, commodity forward curves and other internally derived data.

Creates value.

As modern financial data comes at an increasing cost, the AHS will economize purchases of data from multiple vendors be it market data, instrument definitions, corporate actions or index constituents.


Internal and external business and regulatory compliance is maintained using comprehensive audit trails, user entitlement handling, and usage reporting.

Supported feeds.

Using standard off-the-shelf feed loaders is one of the core features of the History Server. We will maintain compability with old feed standards as well as build for new releases. You only need to subscribe to updates and we will upgrade the front end loaders in sync with your vendor.

Download pdf with examples of supported feeds