Integration with market leading feed solutions. Made simple.

Creating an inhouse data store with financial data coming from multiple vendors is a simple project when using the realtime and file based front-ends for the History Server. The History Server handles price data, static data, corporate actions, and index constituents in an integrated data model, serving the end-users or systems in a unified way.

In addition, a complete scoring and validation system makes day-to-day operations easy and compliant.

For fault-free market data capture, experience is key. We have +20 years experience running 24/7 operations with feeds such as Bloomberg B-pipe, Server-API, Data Licence, Reuters Triarch, RMDS, Eikon, Datascope and many more!


Want to load internal data?

Many clients have a multitude of feeds. The History Server’s front-end loaders can easily be adapted to internal file formats using the Qlang language. If you do not have inhouse IT-resources, we can can help, or recommend someone who can.

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