A cross-asset quantitative analytics tool for Quants, Traders and Analysts.


Quantlab provides a comprehensive cross-asset analytics platform that scales to meet your company’s needs, from a single desktop installation to enterprise-wide deployment.

Our award-winning tool gives the quantitative analyst an efficient framework for financial calculations based on time series data and streaming realtime data, to be used interactively by the analyst himself, or implemented as a solution for the trading or sales desk.

An eco-system for quantitative analysis

Available in different editions, Quantlab covers most of the needs for quantitative analysis in a large financial organisation.

Quantitative analyst use the Quantlab Developer edition for ad hoc desktop analysis and for building easy to use quantitative solutions packaged as workspaces.

Traders and sales people use the Quantlab User edition to work with the analysis available within a workspace. They may for example change the financial yield curves or instruments involved in the analysis or chose to look at a specific historical time segment or interest.

The Quantlab Server provides a robust server environment for processing realtime market data and producing high performance quantitative analysis.


Power of Qlang

Quantlab is powered by our own object oriented programming language QLang with many unique features making it especially well suited for quantitative analysis.

It compiles into highly efficient machine code and comes with an extensive library of financial functions and classes, thus making programming fast and straightforward.

Unique features

Unique for Quantlab is the tight link between financial modeling, realtime feeds and historical time series.

All financial data – time series data as well as static data such as instrument and yield curve definitions – is stored in a central database and fetched automatically when needed. With Quantlab, all quantitative analysis always reflects the latest changes in both dynamic and static data.


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