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Installing quantitative systems often involves more than just getting the analytics in place. Whether be it system architecture design, performance enhancements, or simply input and output data flows, we have been involved in implementation and integration projects since the birth of our company. Of course, we are the most experts in our own systems, and can realize their full potential in the shortest possible time.


All systems need to be maintained and supervised by it-specialists and business users. We can efficiently offer maintenance services for our software platforms from an off-site location. Sometimes the need is only minutes a day, but these minutes are essential to validate and control that the systems are fully operational. Then it might be cost effective to talk to us about outsourcing some of the tasks involved in the day to day operations.

Expert programming

We have collectively more than 150 years of University level education from computer science, mathematics and physics departments from some of the top Universities in the world. It is very probable that we can help solve both small and large problems using both old and new technologies. Some clients are very secretive with their code. We can develop bespoke algorithms or whole systems and not talk about it.


Our software users enjoy the benefits of on-demand education. Sometimes this is not enough. We can tailor educational programs in programming, financial instruments or risk management. For smaller groups, we can offer hands on training inhouse. It is also possible for us to come to your location. Call us to discuss your needs of enhancing your organization’s knowledge.


Don't hesitate to call us with your ideas!

Do you have ideas about doing development together? We like doing things together. Many of our best functions and features are developed together with some of our favorite clients.