Enterprise-wide Risk Management in Realtime

Algorithmica Risk Management System (ARMS) supports a wide range of risk methodologies and equips the risk manager with powerful tools for easy handling of financial market and counterparty risk.

The ARMS Client can be setup in a flexible manner where risk is viewed and analyzed from different perspectives such as by instrument groups, by risk class, by regions, diversification, and by portfolio risk contributions.

ARMS comes with turn-key interfaces to fit most popular front-office systems, and also connects to popular market data feeds such as Bloomberg or Reuters for calculating portfolio risk in real-time.

Customization is easy

ARMS supports a broad range of financial organizations and has successfully been deployed at both sell-side, buy-side and insurance firms. A hosted version of ARMS is also available to suit the needs of the small to midsize institutions who wants to cut the internal IT-costs.

Turnkey solutions

If you are looking for simplicity in implementation and operations, we can offer to host both software and the creation of risk factors for you.

Using standard templates you can use a selection of risk metrics needed to satisfy the most demanding stakeholders, both internal and external.

Custom built

If you are looking for a flexible, open and tool-based approach to risk management look no further! Our risk management platform is completely extensible and implemented using open-coding standards in Qlang, C# and C++. We support you with training and/or consultants to help you realize your goals in record time.


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